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Reiki promotes natural healing, removes energy blockages, balances your energy gateways (known as your chakras), releases toxins, strengthens immune system, adapts to your own individual needs, assists in weight loss, reduces anxiety/depression, relieves stress and emotional distress, relieves physical pain and discomfort, increases mental clarity, motivation and focus, and promotes relaxation and deep sleep.

Holistic Assessments

The initial phone consultation will be about an hour long with an introduction of your concerns and health goals and some suggestions to start right away. With our follow-up phone call(s) we will provide you with a customized plan to get you started on your journey to health. It takes both you and JCW working together to achieve your goals.

Spiritual Pampering

This session will combine a holistic assessment and Distance Reiki or other healing modality, leaving the you with suggestions to apply right away and leaving you feeling empowered, lighter and relaxed!

Note:  Tiffany considers herself a "natural healing assistant" because she believes that a person is their own healer and she only assists in the healing process.

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