Reiki can be described as a person allowing the universal life force energy / Love / God to flow through them and out of their hands to promote deep relaxation which relieves stress, and creates the environment necessary for the body to heal naturally.  

Wellness Workshops

Workshops can be done with a food demonstration or without a demonstration. The first half of the workshop would include a lecture, followed by the food demonstration. 

You will leave a wellness workshop more educated on healthier ways of living and with the capability to recognize options available for you to achieve your desired level of wellbeing. 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements may include the lecture portion of the Wellness Workshop or whatever topic your event calls for. For example: if your event theme is about "love" then we can speak about love while keeping in mind Joi Centered Wellness focuses on the mind, body and spirit connection.

Phone Consultations

The initial phone consultation will be a brief introduction of your concerns and health goals. With our follow-up phone call we will provide you with a customized plan to get you started on your journey to health. It takes both you and JCW working together to achieve your goals.

Home Screenings

Home Screenings includes the viewing of a documentary, followed by a discussion and delicious foods (or) light refreshments. Our Home Screenings will teach you ways to care for your body, the animal kingdom and the planet in which we live while enjoying life.  (Home Screenings requires a group of at least five people.)

Note:  Tiffany considers herself a "natural healing assistant" because she believes that a person is their own healer and she only assists in the healing process.



Free Initial Consultations

  • Reiki                                    $60 per hour (includes a grounding meditation)

    •  Distance Reiki             $30

  •  Wellness Workshop        $500- $1000 (depending on location, to account for travel)

  • Speaking Engagements   $100 - $1000 (depending on location, to account for travel)

  • Phone Consultations       $50 per hour (or $25 for 30 minutes)

  • Home Screenings             $10 per person


Please note that all online payments should be made at



The Wellness Workshop has really changed my life. It was honestly informative on nutrition. By me being a diabetic, it showed me how to make simple but great and healthy recipes, and as I followed along the wellness workshop plan and recipes, I am no longer a type two diabetic and that's a fact! Thanks to the wellness workshop, I feel great and good about myself.


Glenda from NC

I learned a lot at the wellness workshop and the vegan food was delicious, really! I enjoyed everything and hope to attend another one again someday.


Faye from NC

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